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Campus Public Art: An Investment in Town/Gown Goodwill

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  • Public art, often mistaken as elitist, can, in fact, embody shared moral commitments to inclusivity, diversity, history, and expression. In academia, public art pressures us to define our campus's moral commitments, both to ourselves and to our communities. In this era of STEM logic, can public art heal the town/gown divide? Join us for this primer on campus public art. We'll discuss funding, decision making, how public art is an investment, and what can go right (along with what can go wrong).

    Learning Outcome 1: Define 'campus public art' and describe how public art can improve social and personal wellbeing for campus and community.

    Learning Outcome 2: Manage public art as an asset and describe funding sources, governance and decision-making procedures, and maintenance resources required.

    Learning Outcome 3: Describe different types of public art, including statues, sculptures, murals, and art in landscapes.

    Learning Outcome 4: Describe the positive impact public art can have on a campus and community, and discuss how to mitigate possible negative impacts of public art through planning and community discussion.

    Continuing Education Credits: AIA LU/HSW 1.0 Unit (SCUPN20C453) | AICP 1.0 Unit

    Presented By: Trina Mace Learned, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management and Campus Planning, Connecticut College | Katharine J. Wright, Researcher and Curator, Independent