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Two Community Colleges with Differing but Similar Survival Paths

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  • In this period of declining enrollment, decreasing resources, increasing competition, changing demands, and changing technologies, colleges must be both entrepreneurial and careful in their strategic planning. This session will explore how two community colleges are making both similar and different strategic choices in order to thrive during a very uncertain period in higher education. We will explore how planning processes have produced divergent strategies for navigating the very uncertain waters facing all of higher education, particularly in this region.

    Learning Outcome 1: Describe different frameworks for evaluating the current state of the education markets and identifying challenges specific to your institution.

    Learning Outcome 2: Explain how evidence-based decision making can be used in strategic planning processes.

    Learning Outcome 3: Evaluate two different approaches to strategically addressing current challenges in higher education.

    Learning Outcome 4: Describe how internal and external stakeholder influence the strategic planning process.

    Continuing Education Credits: AICP CM 1.0 Unit

    Presented By: Robert Hicks, Senior Project Manager, Stantec | James Mabry, President, Middlesex Community College | Anthony Benoit, President, Benjamin Franklin Institute