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2021 Campus Facilities Inventory (CFI) Report

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  • As leaders of colleges and universities continue to analyze changes today and plan for the future, the knowledge and insight from the SCUP community is critical. The 2021 Campus Facilities Inventory (CFI) report’s valuable facilities benchmarking data will help college and university leaders understand not only what they have now and how it compares, but also how things might change in the future. The CFI report consists of three sections that provide a holistic picture of today—while enabling institutions to crowd-source a vision for the future: Current space use data, anticipated changes to space, and qualitative space changes. Data are reported only in aggregate, protecting the privacy of each institution. Reporting focuses on findings and comparison tables by institution type (i.e., four-year public, four-year private, and two-year public), location (i.e., urban, suburban, rural), and size (i.e., enrollment, ­< 1,000, 1,000–4,999, 5,000–19,999, > 20,000).