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Destination 2030: The Need for Transformation Architects

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  • To survive and thrive in the future, leaders and planners must understand the trends, accelerators, and disruptive factors affecting the success of higher education. Players at all levels need to develop significantly different mindsets, behaviors, skills, tools, processes, and outcomes for thriving in the future. Webinar #2 will explain how to make these jump shifts from traditional planner to transformation architect. Focus will be on a case study on Minnesota State University Mankato: “Destination 2030: The Need for Transformation Architects. Using campus-based examples, this presentation will describe the significant leading role that planners can play as transformation architects in the future planning process. Discussion will include how the campus work paralleled the eight-step transformation process presented in the book Transforming in Turbulent Times and the significant supporting role that planners play as transformation architects in each step of the process. As part of your registration, participants will be encouraged to access the on-line Body of Knowledge on “Getting Started On Transformation” and “Transforming for Turbulent Times.”